Reduce or Eliminate Your Substance Abuse Habit

Assisting individuals in the Greater Pensacola area with addiction counseling

An over-reliance on or addiction to mind-altering substances can not only lead to health issues, it can have a deep impact on your mind and body. If you believe you have a severe dependence on drugs and alcohol - and you want to change the habit you've fallen into - you've found the right counselors.

Reality Check Counseling Services provides substance abuse counseling in Pensacola, Florida. We understand that you want to kick your harmful addiction to these substances, and we can help. Come to us for intervention or outpatient treatment for alcohol and other drugs. We offer several individual and group services, working with you to find your best fit.

These programs are evidence-based and found to be effective treatments for individuals who are dealing with addictions of this nature. Just imagine: with substance abuse counseling, you can finally:

•STOP hurting those around you because of your dependence
•STOP becoming violent, ill, irritable, sick or generally unstable
•START identifying your triggers and avoiding them
•START getting the guidance and encouragement you deserve

Start living life as yourself again. For more information about our substance abuse counseling services in Pensacola, Florida, contact us today.

Substance abuse counseling in Pensacola, FL