Mental Health

Mental health issues plague us all - some more than others. If you feel as if your thoughts and feelings are incongruent, get in touch with our mental health counselor in Pensacola today.

Mental Health

Substance Abuse

Reducing or eliminating the use of the substance is key to stability. But you have to come to our door to find ways to put your life back together.

Substance Abuse

Couples & Family

Communication issues. Anger problems. Behavioral nuisances. All of these come into play with intimate relationships. Let's find a way to help you understand, address and resolve the problems at hand.

Couples & Family

Find the Clarity and Understanding You Deserve

Check in with Reality Check Counseling of Pensacola

Reality Check Counseling Services assists individuals, families and couples in the Pensacola area with mental health and emotional issues, and with addiction and substance abuse issues. Through a variety of general counseling and focused therapeutic services, we've been able to lead individuals on a path toward clarity and self-understanding.

Take the time to get to know our licensed counselors and certified addiction professionals to learn more about our mental health counseling services in Pensacola. We want to help you return to being who you were before the pain and suffering set in.

Discover what it's like to be your true self again

With the help of our professional counselors, you can find the clarity you've lost. Whether you're dealing with depression, anger, martial issues or drug addition, we'll find a way to assist you on your path toward better emotional health. To help our clients, we provide:

•Flexible appointment scheduling, Monday through Saturday
•In-home appointments for those with qualifying conditions or disabilities
•Caring compassionate services, always!

Find a way to get past your difficulties by contacting Reality Check Counseling Services. Schedule an appointment with our specialists today by calling 850-725-0956.

"You have comforted me through so much, the most important of course being the loss of my sweet baby (grandson). During that time I thought I'd lose my mind, and did I think for a minute. I know I cried so hard and for so long I never dreamed I'd ever get back to normal, but you saw me through. You never brushed me off, you took all of my calls (and we know there were lots and lots)! ... I literally thought I'd lose my life and the only one I had to call on to comfort me was you and you so sweetly did that."

Sandy W.

I totally appreciate you taking the time out of your already busy life for me. I'll never forget your being there for me.

Gina D.